Friday, June 15, 2007

Prom Time!

This morning we took a ride over to St Albans to kit Carl out for his High School Prom (If anyone starts humming ANY songs from High School Musical, there will be trouble!!) Anyway he found this lovely charcoal grey pinstripe suit, which he has teamed up with black shoes and Shirt and a silver grey silk tie. He really looks great and every inch a grown up man.
Watch our Nicholas Breakspear, Carl is dressed up and ready to go.
Just before we left this morning his drama teacher called and said that he wanted Carl to audition for a role in the school summer musical production of Oliver. The audition time is Monday 3pm to 5pm. I explained that he was working at the pool, so he said tell him to see me anytime and I'll sort it !! So that sounds very hopeful, that and the fact they have only called two from his year.


suebaru said...

But Lyzzy...It's the start of domething new!!Sing it if you know it !!;)
He looks very cool!

lyzzydee said...


SHUT UP !!!!!

Suzanne said...

Oh Lyzzy he does look all grown up! I love that bottom photo, he really shines in that one!

Shirley said...

What a dish!

Jen said...

Fancy suit! Love the fact that you've done them in B&W - it's just right. I love the bottom one, too, so natural and lovely :)

Jaffers said...

I'm SO glad I've never seen High School Musical, so no irritating songs lodged in my head to be triggered!

He looks so smart!!
But....isn't he a bit old to be playing Oliver? Unless it's Oliver II - The Teenage Years? ;-)

Laura said...

Knocked out at the last stretch on the apprentice… and so promising too!