Monday, June 04, 2007

I'm going for Coffee!!

I am about to hit the town and meet up with Caz and Sue. Can't wait to chat in person, its so much easier. My PC is playing up and keeps hanging, making it hard to get emails, today it has been so frustrating as we have sold some bits on eBay and I couldn't get in to find the addresses of the winners. Anyway eventually I was able to get them and they have been sent off. I have decided that its just not worth selling the big stuff anymore, costs too much in postage which means people take that into account and the price stays low.Its not worth the effort.

I am looking forward to getting a bit of craft time to myself, today has been a write off and I feel like I have been working and getting nowhere!


Sue said...

Hope you had fun :)
LOVE you ATC card slide..gorg!

Jen said...

Jealous, moi?? Hope you had a nice coffee!

suebaru said...

Had a fab time this afternoon, not laughed so much in ages! When's the next one?!