Sunday, February 12, 2012

Cold Weekend.

This weekend has been a really cold one, over night its got down to minus 15, which is madness. The cold snap caused a few problems. Laura was in her kitchen when there was a big bang and the sound of loud hissing swiftly followed by water all over the kitchen floor. 
She tried to call the council but there was no reply (turns out they were very busy with burst pipes) So we headed over to see if we could help in any way. By the time we got there I had managed to get hold of the council and we arrived after the plumber!! As an added bonus the plumber was Nick, my neighbours son. So he had already switched off the water and was repairing the pipe. The pipe in question ran through an outside Cupboard so that was a massive design fault because it was unheated and froze, now that cupboard is stuffed full of padding and cardboard to stop the cold getting in as easily!! It was a shame because Laura's new carpet in the front room got wet, so we had to mop it up with towels. We had to take them outside and wring them out. One of the neighbours over the road popped out and offered to spin them in her dryer which was really nice of her, but there was a whole load more mopping up to do before we could spin them!!
On the plus side I had said that the kitchen floor needed a wash!

I made a few beads yesterday still experimenting and nearly setting fire to the desk. A piece of red hot glass flew off the end of a rod I was heating, in the past they have landed on the floor or in the cone of the extractor, but this time it landed on the desk and then bounced onto the oxycon, causing major panic! I was able to chuck water on it and stop any further damage but it was scary!!! Anyway the bead I was making when the 'accident' happened is in the photo above.Once it was cleaned it accidentally ended up on top of  another bead making it look a bit like an owl!!!

This week we are having a bit of work done at home. I have always hated the banisters and have wanted to get them changed into something more elegant, so finally this week we are going to have them replaced by elegant spindles!! something

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