Tuesday, February 21, 2012

This Weeks Glass.....

I love going back to see how my 'creations' have turned out!! This week my end of rods have all melted together very nicely. This time I laid down a base and then added the scraps on top, they have all melted into each other very nicely. No cracks or breaks this time, I have no idea what to do with it, but its pretty!

I put my flat disk back and slumped it into a bowl shape, not a hundred percent successful, but not too bad so I am pleased with it. Another 10 weeks should see me making a really professional bowl!! Sadly I only have one week left. 

I am particularly pleased with these little pieces, they have turned out very nicely. I hope to be able to stick bails to them and turn them in to necklaces or failing that fridge magnets!!

I had made plans this week to sandblast the backs of the coasters and circles I had made in the previous weeks, so I lugged them all back there and got dressed up in all the required garb.....

Mask and huge black rubber gloves, I went to the sand blasting cabinet placed the items inside shoved my gloved arms through the small holes in the cabinet, poked my foot underneath and pushed the pedal.... nothing. Tried again still nothing. It turns out they compressor had been switched off and we didn't have access to the basement to switch it back on again. So all that dressing up and carrying of glass for nothing. I'll try again next week.

In the end I sat down and made some more coasters, its a good way of trying out designs and seeing what works. Laura bought me some glassine paints so I wanted to try them out as well. 

So tonight's experiments, from top left, a funky chicken, a blue and copper heart which I plan on giving to Carl, the a yellow and copper heart I plan on giving to Beth. Bottom row 9 Danish coins, as I expect I will not be returning there any time soon. Another chicken and finally a two tone copper heart for Laura.

Lets see how they all turn out next week. 

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