Monday, February 13, 2012

Monday Night Uni Night!!

Tonight I went back to see how last weeks work had turned out, I was very pleased with it !! (if I say so myself!!) The circles have turned out well and so have the coasters.

Its clear that having a professional cut the glass for the coasters makes all the difference, they lined up well and look good in real life.  I think I am going to take them back next week and sandblast the backs, that gives a frosty look and the pattern is more prominent with a white background. 

This week I concentrated on some smaller items using up some of the small pieces of Bulls eye glass and dichroic glass that I had. I hope that they will come out nicely rounded and ready to turn into a pendant. I suspect that is unlikely in reality!!!
Here are the before...

I hope these turn out looking like flowers!!

I am curious to see how the dichroic glass looks after its been cooked!!

These two are made with float glass so its to see how they turn out.

This is less than one inch square so again it might turn out interesting, or not!!!!

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Haley said...

It sounds like you are really enjoying yourself Liz - the work you are showing is fantastic. They look lovely.