Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Hold the front page.........

I am pleased to announce that after 11 months the National Health Service has responded to the complaint that we made about the treatment that Mum received in our local hospital! They simply have no idea how to deal with people. I seriously wonder if they have any idea what condition she is in now. 
The letter is full of 'we are sorry' statements, but eleven months is beyond a joke. I gave up long ago trying to get an answer out of them. They are a law unto themselves accountable to nobody. I hope that if I end up in there I will have someone looking out for me. 

The sad thing there are lots of good people who work for the NHS and they seem to be hampered by the lack of staff and the red tape surrounding everything that happens.

I will sleep easier in my bed tonight knowing they have finally replied........NOT!!!!!

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