Saturday, February 18, 2012

Home Again.

We are just back from our trip to Denmark. I was definitely worried about the decision to book a trip travelling north in the North sea, but as it turned out we had a good time!!
The drive to Harwich was easy and quick, the embarcation was easy and quick! We had a four berth cabin on deck 9, which as it turned out was perfect. We were close to the outside deck so we were able to pop out and take the very bracing air!!! We had bed and breakfast so on the first evening we bought dinner at the cafe. Fish and chips that most traditional of Danish food.

We went to bed around 11.30pm by which time we were heading into 'heavy seas' (that was the Captains description!!) Beth felt it was too much to sleep in the top bunk with the smallest of rails to keep her in bed, so we had to pull her mattress down onto the floor between our two beds. It was at that precise moment that the ship went one way and I went the other, landing up in a heap on Beth's mattress (and on her legs). I managed to hit my back on the side of Toms bed and now have a nice bruise to show for it!!
Tom seemed to be able to sleep as soon as his head hit the pillow, but Beth and I found it a struggle, we didn't feel ill or anything but it was an extremely lively night, with the ship tossing us all over the place. Lying on my side I actually felt as if I might roll out of bed at one point!! (I was thinking just how much my friend Sue would have enjoyed this!!!) It did eventually calm down and the rest of the night was fairly uneventful.

The breakfast was fantastic a buffet with everything you could want. After breakfast we arrived in Esbjerg and I was shocked to see that the sea was frozen.

These photos don't really do it justice, some of the chunks of ice were huge 10 feet plus across, as we docked you could hear the ice bumping off the hull of the ship!!!

The day in Esbjerg was marred by the driving sleet and rain, it was freezing cold as well. We did manage a walk around the shops and found the ice skating rink (I was disappointed that they had closed up and the only people skating were school children with their own skates!!) Had the weather been better it would have been a better day out.

The high street was unusual every other shop seemed to be a shoe shop!! But we were saved Beth spotted a McDonald's so she was happy to pop in and check that they were able to produce a McChicken Sandwich in Denmark.

So all in all it was very good value for money and we can now say we have set foot on Danish soil!!
While we were away we had the stairs altered, we now have a lovely sparkly white banister with spindles instead of planks of wood. I am so pleased with it. We also have no lights down stairs something has happened there and we will be getting it looked at by an electrician in the morning!!

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Scrapdolly said...

That's amazing to see the sea frozen like that. I am so glad it was a good trip and I'd have been like Beth and sought those golden arches!