Thursday, February 09, 2012

Updating my glassy things.

This week has been a busy one, in fact every week is busy rushing from one thing to another. This week has been harder because of the weather and the problems that causes. Monday night we still had a load of snow and the roads were bad, so I ended up on the course on my own again. I don't blame Deb for not wanting to travel, the conditions were awful.
The week before I used a ceramic bowl to slump one of my rounds of glass into. I wanted to make a bowl, well above is my first ever bowl!! Its wonky and a bit crinkly around the edges, but its a start!! I am actually quite proud of it for a first attempt.

The round above is the result of the Mica and pottery glaze experiment. I really liked the painting bit! What doesn't really show up is the shimmery effect of the mica. I hope next week to slump that into another bowl and see how that turns out!!

The square is similar to the circle in design and again quite sparkly. The circles this time are brown in colour. I have learnt that the ceramic glazes hold their colour when fired, but the glass paints I used on the blue and green bowl go translucent, both effects have a place.

Debbie bought me a book on fusing glass and I fell in love with a design that was on the front. It was quite intricate with lots of small pieces of cut glass used to make the design. The glass that we use is called float glass and to buy coloured compatible glass is very expensive, so I recreated the design with paint!!!  Using the same technique as before I painted on one side allowed it to dry and then flipped it over and put it on top of the second round of glass which was sprinkled with orange frit. I love the colours!! I also made 6 coasters to go with the two place mats. I can't wait until they come out of the  kiln!!!
Tonight we are having another snow storm, its about three inches deep in the deepest places and that over the last lot that hasn't gone!! Its nearly my birthday and its been a long time since I had snow on that day of celebration 

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brilliant !! I hope they turn out well xx