Saturday, March 03, 2012

Quiz Night!!!!

Tonight Tom and I went out, not been out for a long while in the evening, together at the same place. We went to our old Primary school to take part in their annual Quiz night.

This Quiz has been going for years and we are what I consider to be 'floating' quizzers, we don't really have an established team, we go with who ever will have us. Tonight there was a great turnout and what I particularly liked was that there were loads of faces from my time as a parent at the school. I think its fair to say that doing a quiz in a team is hard, its down to how much you persevere and how much you insist that your answer is right in the face of louder people saying that you are wrong. Its such a balance having to write down an answer which you are convinced is wrong and then worse of all trying very hard not to say 'Told you' when your original suggestion is shown to be right!! So every year we attend and walk that very fine line between friendship and flouncing off!! 

Tonight It was the same again, trying to find that balance between not winning, (because if you are on the winning team you have to set the questions for the next quiz and that is bound to end in tears) and not ending up to far down the table. Its OK to be last because you actually get a prize for that, so in my opinion the place to aim for is 2nd or 3rd and no more!!! Tonight we fell sadly short and was 10th out of 16 teams. A case of Please try harder!!!

It was great to see some old pals, (waves to Lorraine and Michelle!!) plus their families. Its a great family school with some folk having been their for donkeys years (Waves to Jackie and Janet!!!!)

This weekend will see us shifting a sofa over to Laura's flat, then dumping her old one on the way back. I want to rearrange the furniture in the conservatory and install my lovely beautiful dresser that we collected earlier this evening. I have still to collect my new bureau and as a bonus the lady who I bought the dresser off of has said she will paint the bureau to match, that's a real result as I hate painting!!! If after all that I have any energy left I might make beads!!! Watch this space.xx

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