Sunday, March 11, 2012

A morning wandering around.

Yesterday morning I went to Van Hages garden centre in Amwell. One of those rare times that I could take a trip on my own and take time to look. I had decided to make the trip to buy dad some new trailing pansies that Van Hages had introduced and were the only place selling them this year at least. 
When I arrived the place was stuffed with beautiful displays of lovely home bits and pieces, lots of florals and Kath Kidston stuff. 

I loved this table wear, so bright and and lots of fun, its also quite expensive!! So I may have to save up.

This year is the Queen Jubilee it would be great to celebrate with a street party, but its also half term and before realising it was a big date we booked a cruise. There is a lot of celebration goods around I love the Union Jack stuff, there was bunting and all sorts here. Perhaps we will have to celebrate while we are away with Mad and John!!

I am a late comer to the Kath Kidston craze, but I really love the style and the old fashioned florals. I am getting quite a collection of bags and mugs in her designs. Its nice to see how someone else displays her wares!

Of course Easter is just around the corner so there was lots of Easter decorations, I have noticed that in recent years they have been on the increase. I seem to have a bit of a thing for decorative chickens at the moment!!  It was a nice morning wandering and I even managed to bump into my old neighbour Tracey, waves to Tracey!!!

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