Thursday, March 22, 2012


Its the small things that can be exciting, tonight I am collecting my recently purchased and now repainted bureau. I am also collecting my shelves which have been painted to match so I can finally get the conservatory set up as my craft room. I am still bidding on a double cupboard to match the bureau which will need repainting and if I win that I'll be set!!
Its exciting to have a space that a bit of thought has go into and finally set up with pretty things that I like and I hope will inspire me to be creative. Its usually such a faff to have to get everything out and then put it all away again, now I will be able to leave things set up and still have the place look nice.
Tomorrow poor old Beth has fracture clinic, her leg is still no where near right and it been very uncomfortable. I hope tomorrow they may be able to make a decision on a plan of action for her.
I think this is the end of her trampolining career!!! (and the return of my garden with any luck!!!!)

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