Sunday, March 25, 2012

Another night with The Osmonds!!!

Late yesterday afternoon I travelled down to Southend with my friend Karen, to meet up with Lynn, who used to live in our road and her friend Debbie. I am certain that Southend has moved, it seemed a lot closer than before, mind you that could have been because I wasn't driving and its nice to chill out in the passenger seat for a change. 
When we got there the sun was just setting, we got a parking space and made our way to the venue to meet with our friends and to get a bite to eat. As we arrived the support group turned up in their coach. It was so funny to watch all this 'silly' middle aged women swooning over these men who were lapping it up!!! We hadn't thought to book ahead and when we went to the planned restaurant it was fully booked as was every other one within walking distance. In the end we went for traditional fish and chips, eaten in Karen's car in the car park!!!! It was lovely, particularly nice when you are hungry!!!!
Karen had come up trumps with the tickets again, and we were again second row, but at the opposite end to Watford. Southend had laid on bouncers so we got chatting to the guy near us. He was going to prevent a pitch invasion at all costs. He hadn't bargained on the die hard fans who were going to get to the front whatever. Poor Lynn had an inconsiderate woman next to her who kept 'drifting' into her seat space and in the end she had to use her elbows to stop her taking over completely!

This time I took my big camera, which our bouncer chap was happy with, I did manage to get a few shots that were OK, but the lighting was unpredictable so I also got a fair few duff shots as well. 

They were singing their very last song when another of the staff told me that I couldn't use my camera as it had a telephoto lens!! So I put it away, but TOO LATE!!!! I already had my shots!!

So all we have to look forward to now is Karen sitting on the phone and computer to get tickets for next years show starring Donny and Marie. Go get them Karen!!!!

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