Thursday, March 08, 2012

Bit late updating this week.

I returned to Uni to collect my last bits that had been cooked. Monday night was a busy one, Beth was in a production at the Barn theatre youth drama festival (photos to follow) So I popped out after her play had finished and collected my creations!!
The circle above was last week when I put it in the kiln, bright blues, yellows and purple. I did sprinkle a bit of copper bubble powder which comes out green, plus some splashes of water. Well this is the result. Not much yellow in evidence!!

It is however quite interesting and I like the dull result for the patterns in it.

Look at all greeny blue colours and tiny bubbles, lovely!!!

I had mixed results with the coasters, the fingerprints faded to nothing which was disappointing. The black outlines stayed strong. The lines and dots were OK, but dull, and the heart was OK, I wish I had used the white more as that with a bit of frit came out quite bright

Beth's two coasters, the animals and the the words came out well  as did the mum and dad ones. Its dads birthday the weekend so I will give him one as part of the present.
So to sum up the course was OK, and I think I might go back later in the year to see if I can do something else with glass. I asked about the course feedback form, the tutor gave me one but it was filled in with someone elses name, that just about sums up the adhoc disorganised nature of the course!!!

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Debbielou said...

They've come out really well xx