Saturday, March 03, 2012

My New Dresser.

I have always been very envious of my friend Madeline, envious in a nice way because she has fantastic taste and her house is so gorgeous. She has the knack of putting things together so they look good. When I try and do the same it looks like a jumble sale rather than shabby chic. Well times are changing, I am changing things around and trying to emulate her style.
I needed to make a bigger space for my glass things, I also wanted to have a place to display things that I love. So I set about looking for a shabby chic painted dresser, I found one I liked on eBay and made an offer. This was accepted and yesterday we travelled to Chipperfield to collect it. I am now the proud owner of a beautiful dresser, painted 'aged white' . The lady selling has said that she would be happy to paint any other furniture I have to match, so we have a bureau to collect next week and some shelves they will all match !!!
Here is my first attempt at 'doing' my dresser.

Its looking a bit busy at the moment, but I have run out of room and need the cupboards that the bureau will have to put  the boxes on the bottom shelf  away. I'll keep fiddling until I get it just right!!

Check out the web site of the lady I bought it from its gorgeous!!!

I think I'll be buying some more!!!

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Debbielou said...

Looks fab ! x