Saturday, March 17, 2012

That was a week!!!

Its been another of those busy time flying weeks. I am glad its the weekend!! The easy high light of the week was my trip to Watford to see The Osmonds !! Thanks to the ticket guru over the road Karen, we had second row tickets and an excellent view. The only downside was that we were spitting distance from the speakers that were easily 12ft by 12ft big and very very LOUD!!!!! That said afterwards we could still hear each other so all deafness was only temporary. As always they gave a fantastic show, we enjoyed it so much that we are going back again next week to see them play at Southend!!

As well as some of their new music, which was very good, they played a load of the classics. What was quite disconcerting was the number of middle aged plus women there were in the audience. The thing is I don't see myself as middle aged (cos I'm not!!) BUT the placed was full of 50 and 60 something people all screaming like sixteen year olds. I felt quite restrained compared to a couple of full on grey haired granny types who were up there with their silky Osmonds scarfs and their walking sticks shouting 'We want the Osmonds'!!!!
This time I only took my little camera, because the last visit we made they tried to stop me taking my big camera in, they asked us to wait while they checked out if it was OK for me to go in with it. Like naughty school girls, we legged it as soon as the security guard was out of sight!!!! This time no one checked so I was in a prime position with a puny camera, that will teach me!

Towards the end there was a near pitch invasion as all the fans arrived at the stage for the grand finale. (They had probably started their journey to the front in the first half!!!) These groups must be raking it in all these people with disposable income now living out their teenage dreams!!!

Beth ended up down A and E this week after she hurt her knee trampolining at school, this time she has damaged the ligaments and is in a great deal of pain. She has been X rayed and they have put a 'cricket bat' bandage on it. She has to go to fracture clinic next week for them to decide if it needs plastering to help the ligaments heal. The last few days have been really painful for her as it seems to have had an effect on her hip as well. Fingers crossed it starts to get better soon . 

I am on a bit of a roll with holidays as well. Last week we paid for our Cruise to the Fjords in May so I am getting excited about that one. We had been toying with the idea of going to see the Dutch bulb fields. Although we seem to visit Holland far more regularly than I visit my local town centre, its usually in the summer or winter when the bulbs have finished. So I have been looking at a mini cruise trip to do that during the school Easter holiday . When I first noticed the trip we couldn't get a cabin for three of us, just two twins which we didn't want. So I checked back a couple of days ago and found that there was a cabin available, so I booked it and now we are off for a three day trip including a day spent at Keukenhof Gardens  I can't wait, I think I should be able to get some fantastic photographs !!

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