Friday, March 23, 2012

Beautiful Tulips!

Carl bought me some Tulips for Mothers Day. They have been absolutely stunning, particularly the white ones, which started out very floppy and looked a bit sorry for themselves. They have picked up and I think they are so pretty. I took a few shots of them this evening, natural light, no flash, they have a few days left in them yet. 

Beth was first in the fracture clinic today, they wrapped her leg and tried to move it without too much luck. They are happy that its not fractured, but it was bruised and swollen still, so in light of this not being the first time it has happened she has been fitted with a leg brace. The problem is that the knee has moved sidewards and stretched the ligaments beyond what they are comfortable with. This allows her knee to move backwards and forwards but no side way movements. She is finding it easier now she can start to mobilise it again. The problem is she has to wear it for the next six weeks, have physio and then go back to fracture clinic. She is going to go back to school on Monday as she can't get any further behind with her work. Despite asking on several occasions the school has not provided her with any work or even returned my phone calls. I am not very impressed. 
The brace looks like a torture device, it has 4 straps which go from groin to ankle, she said its not that uncomfortable. Wonder what she'll be saying in 6 weeks!!!

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