Saturday, March 24, 2012

New Work Space

Over the past few weeks I have been trying to sort the conservatory out, adding new shelves and cupboards and making it a nice place to work. I am nearly there, I just have the computer side to sort out. My friend steph made me a set of shelves to go above my work table and they have now been painted to match the dresser. I really like having somewhere to keep my pretty things like photos cards and flowers. I also have all my flame working 'stuff' in the one place and its a pretty flexible set up with my oxycon underneath along with my gas, which can be easily accessed. The extractor can be moved out of the way when not in use as can the tiles protecting the table, which are loose. So far so good.

On the other side of the room I am trying to sort out the computer stuff. I have a nice bureau painted to match the dresser and shelves. I am bidding on a matching cupboard to go along side the bureau, as its proving difficult to get the PC sorted out. (I had planned to put in a cupboard, but then had trouble with wires and drawers in awkward places) So I think another couple of weeks will have it sorted. I have emptied all the filing cabinets and it will be a straight swap once the new cupboard arrives. 
Today I am off to Southend with my friend to see The Osmonds, it seems that they are missing us, having not seen us for a few weeks!!!

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