Sunday, March 18, 2012

Happy Mothers Day!

Today has been a lovely Mothers day. I have been very lucky. The day started with Beth handing me a huge card  (left on the photo) plus a present of 4 blocks spelling out LOVE !! They are lovely. I also got a pink helium balloon with sparkly writing, its very pretty. Carl left me a card Plus two huge bunches of Tulips, one bunch of yellow and one of white. (I haven't photographed the yellow ones, they are in the living room). Then this afternoon Laura came over and gave me a lovely boxed card plus a ceramic 'Pamper pot' All pink and sparkly. The label says that if you fill it with two pound coins when its full there will £1000 in it!! I have aimed a little lower and I am going to put all my spare 20p in there. 

Tom gave me a pair of beautiful yellow chrysthants. This afternoon Emma,Dan and Bobbie came over for a visit and finally I went around to see mum and give her our gifts. Poor old Tom has been suffering from a dodgy tummy so didn't want to risk handing anything onto either of them. Although he seems to be a lot brighter this afternoon.
So Happy Mothers day to all the wonderful Mums out there.

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