Monday, March 12, 2012

Happy Birthday Dad.

Last Saturday it was Dads birthday, so we took him a cake around and celebrated with him. He is 74 years young!! So what do you buy a man who has everything he needs?? In the end we got him some trailing pansies, a brand new breed of tri-coloured pansies which can trail in baskets up to two feet!! Dad likes pansies, so I am sure he will be able to grow some from the seeds of these plants.
We also got him a bird feeder for his garden and I gave him one of my 'exclusive' hand made coasters with his name on it!!

I took a few photos of the flowers in Dads garden as you can see he likes pansies!!!

He has some lovely Violas growing in the green house.

I hope the new ones are as pretty!!!

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