Sunday, May 27, 2012

Feeling Hot Hot Hot!!!!!

At last we seem to have some summery weather, It is currently 27 degrees in my back garden and the sky is bright blue. There is a blackbird singing its soul out perched on a nearby tree. Today we have popped over to Madelines to drop off  her Birthday Present and we came back via Matalan and Argos in St Albans (we know how to live!!) I have also packed my clothes for holiday, cleaned out my wardrobe and made a list of things left to pack. Add to that three loads of washing and you can see just what a jet set life I lead. 

Earlier in the week Beth had her friend Chelsea over and although they are both 'mature' teenagers, the lure of freezing cold water and a paddling pool is hard to resist. This time we have the use of a deep birthing pool, so its even better for bigger children.....

This pool also has an inflatable lid, so hours of fun !! It wasn't until we had filled it up that my neighbour reminded me of the hose pipe ban!!!! I never gave it a second though! So now we have coiled the hose back up and hidden it in case the water board fly over and spot it!! Oh the guilt of it all. :0(

Carl is feeling better and is back at work earning some extra for his road trip to USA. I expect the pool will be unbearable hot and sweaty today. Glad I am not there!

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