Friday, May 04, 2012

Happy Bank Holidays!!!

I have decided that I love three day weekends!! This weekend is one of those Whoopee. Sadly I think the weather forecast is going to ruin any plans for outdoor activities. They are forecasting freezing temperatures overnight and torrential rain during the day, perfect holiday weather. 

I think I will catch up with some of my scrap booking (I have all the pretty tulip photos to do) I also will take some time to make some jewellery. I have plenty of beads, just no inclination to turn them into anything. In fact I have three kilner jars full of mixed beads, I just need to get my finger out!!!

Tom has taken Beth out to the cinema, they were both going stir crazy. Tom has had a really heavy cold and cough, just as he was getting over that Beth came down with the same so she has had a couple of days off of school, Beth has had a bad run at school due to her knee injury and this is not helping . I hope she gets back soon and catches up with her school work!!

On the way out the other evening I was driving along the A414 when I noticed the sun setting. It was really pretty with lots of wispy clouds moving fast across the foreground, it doesn't really show up so well on the photo but it had real depth and a lovely pink colour.
I you all have a lovely weekend off (if you are off) and get the time to play with all the things you want to play with!!!

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