Thursday, May 31, 2012

We're off!!!

We are finally about to leave for our holiday cruise to the Fjords I have been looking forward to this holiday for a while and can't wait to get underway!!! We seem to be super organised, I think it helps not having to worry about the weight limits associated with flying, so you can pack all you need. I think  we have packed what we want and a whole lot more!!!
In preparation Emma and Dan bought over a wet suit for Beth to borrow, the pool on board is not heated at least this way she will be able to go swimming without getting frostbite!!!

The funny thing was that the two of them turned up wearing their wet suits!! It was a very hot evening and they wet melting, I wonder what people would have thought if they had been stopped on the way home!!!

This holiday was booked last year and we are off with Madeline and John. Rod booked a little while after us and managed to keep it a secret from Tina right up until last week!!! We are all just a little excited now. 
So Pringles packed, lemonade packed, passports at the ready, see you all next week !!!

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