Saturday, May 05, 2012

Its nice to have something to look forward to!!!

Every year before Christmas I go away with my friends, I call them 'the girls' but as I am the youngest we are not very 'girl' in age!!! Over the past few years we have been to New York, Ypres, Dunkirk and Amsterdam.When the kids were little we stayed closer to home at Centre Parcs.

Last year we had a great time in Amsterdam so this year we thought we would try and experience a real German Christmas market. After a bit of research we decided that the best bet would be to book a place that we could fly to from Luton. So I have booked us a long weekend in Hamburg!!

Hamburg looks great there are loads of markets open until 9 and 10pm!! Its in the north of the country which increases the chance of it snowing and making it even more Christmassy!! Its fairly close to the airport so its perfect. Take a look HERE for the low down. I nearly made a terrible mistake last night when booking it, I checked out the flights to Hamburg and then found a lovely hotel in Frankfurt!!! I knew it was a food related name, just got the wrong one, thank goodness I checked it on the map before pushing the button it could have been a disaster!!

Mean while we are looking forward to our cruise later this month, this year will be even better as we are going with friends. I can't wait to go back to Amsterdam which is the first stop on the journey. They have a great shops, one called Blokker and another called Xenos, I now know exactly where they are, so I will be able to go straight there and check out their bargains!!!

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Jenn Jilks said...

Bargain girl! Well done, kindred spirit!
You made a comment on my blog,
"In my brain I have you living in the wild and never considered that you would be in a town area!! How pathetic is that??? Looks like a great day out. The rain is still raining and we have a hose pipe ban as we are officially in the grips of a drought!!! "
after my Festival post. Truly, we are 5km out of town, which isn't far. Yet we love our isolation, with no near neighbours.
How is your drought?