Saturday, May 26, 2012

Hurrah, we have water!!!

At last we have water, hot and in the right place!! Its been a long week without a shower and I am pleased its back and working. We had a false start, the gas fitter went yesterday but when we put the shower on it was red hot (good) but pulsating that meant there was an airlock so it couldn't be used. It was finally fixed this morning. We have all showered in a variety of places this week!!!
On Thursday night Carl went out with his mates for a leaving drink, the last thing I said to him jokingly was 'don't get into any fights' Well he took that advice BUT I still got a call from him in the early hours to say 'don't worry but I'm in the Lister, I had a fall and cut my eye' So I set off wishing that I had filled up the car the night before. When I got there the waiting room was empty, something I had never seen before!! Even the receptionist was missing. So I text Carl and Grant opened the door to the treatment room. There was my poor baby having his face looked at. It seems they had been walking home messing around when Carl jumped on Grants back and they both hit the floor. Carl hit his face and cut under his eye. They were cleaning that in preparation to glue it back together, he looked sorry for himself, but he was being brave, it was quite swollen and must have hurt a fair bit. Finally he was sorted out out and we headed for home. They had been up all night and were tired, I was just recovering from the shock of getting the call. It could have been so much worse,

So what is it with hospitals??? I have thought for a long time that real time doesn't exist once you walk into 
A and E. If the place is heaving or if the place is empty there seems to be an unwritten rule that says 'everyone must wait for the longest possible time so that they can fully appreciate the ambiance of the department'. I know that they do a brilliant job but why does everything take so long?? You are booked in, seen by the triage nurse, seen by a Doctor who orders an Xray. Wait two hours for Xray and result. Doctor confirms nothing broken, but stitches are required, wait another two hours while someone manufactures the things required for the procedure. Eventually start to fix the wound and discharge the patient. Its time gone mad!!!!

Mean while we are having a glorious spell of sunny weather, its perfect, bright sunshine and a lovely breeze, it reminds me of summer beach weather. I am looking forward to my cruise next week soooooo much!!!

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