Saturday, May 12, 2012

A few Days Away

I have just come back from a few days in Devon on a Welfare Conference. We drove down on Wednesday  in the driving rain. I took Tom's car as the fuel consumption is much better. In the end the whole round trip was 570 miles.We stayed at Croyde bay holiday village. It was a great mix of vintage holiday chalets and brand spanking new hotel. I ended up in a modern chalet which was nice and comfortable. I loved the look of these old fashioned fifties chalets. Inside they had some photographs from the original holiday camp and you could see the chalets above in their original glory.

The premises backed onto the beach at Croyde bay, it was an easy five minute walk over the dunes to the beach. The down side was the weather, so I ended up just taking the one quick walk to take a look and calling it a day!!

The beach is quite spectacular, the water goes out a long way and comes in a long way quickly!!
We had been there quite a few years ago when I was expecting Beth once I got back in the area it all came flooding back to me. In the summer its just about impossible to drive down there as the congestion is so bad, we didn't have that to contend with this time. 
The conference kept us very busy with workshops and presentations. Each day started after breakfast at 9.30 and went on until 6 - 6.30pm. All meals were included and the catering was very good with a huge variety of food. Last night finished with a Gala dinner. It was nice to be able meet people from other areas and exchange ideas. We headed back today and were lucky not to hit any hold ups on the roads. Its still a long journey and took us over four hours to get back.

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