Monday, May 27, 2013

A Weekend Away!

Tom and I have just had a weekend away, nothing unusual there except its the first time since we have had children that we have been away on our own. It was a bit of a last minute decision and we had trouble finding a place to stay. It was Bank Holiday and half term so it was going to be busy. Tom wanted to head to Whitby to see his sister. After searching the web for something in our price range I finally found an apartment which happened to be in the same village as my sister in law, more than that it was in the same road as my sister in law!! We could see their house from our apartment!!
It was a beautiful two bed roomed place with the most comfortable bed in the world!!! Three nights of absolute comfort, I would go back there for the bed alone!!!

Don't think I have ever slept in a brass bed before!! The only disadvantage is that its a bit of a shock if you touch the cold brass with your feet during the night!!!

We were very lucky with the weather and although it was chilly in the evenings it was beautifully sunny during the day. We sat by the beach on Sunday afternoon and caught a bit of the sun. It was great to people watch, the beach was packed!!!

As the day  turned to evening and the sun started to set the light changed and everything was washed with golden light. We were treated to a stunning sunset over the sea.

The colours were gorgeous ! I love the little figures on the beach !

We had a nice time looking around the shops and eating out. We also got to chill in the apartment and I finished Beth's crochet blanket. I will now be able to make a start on the purple one that Laura would like me to do! So our first weekend away together went very well we even had things to talk about, just like the old days!!!

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