Sunday, May 05, 2013

An evening with Cork and Canvas.

Anyone who knows me knows that I love all things crafty, I will have a go at most things and I particularly love papercrafts and glass work. I have a stack of completed scrapbooks and a stock of cards waiting to be sent. I have recently taken up crochet and I have very nearly finished my second blanket (for Beth) I have another one to make for Laura. The one thing that I would love to be able to is paint and sketch. I have tried and I am useless!!
So when I heard an advert for Cork and Canvas on Jack FM, it got me thinking. I spoke to my Aqua Zumba mate Jane and we decided to book an evening with them. We booked for the 2nd of May at a pub called Brookmans in Brookmans Park. 
We arrived early and had a bite to eat in the pub, I had Liver parfait with brioche and I can honestly say it was the very best that I have ever eaten!!

The class was held in a room off of the main pub and when we went in it was all set up with easels, aprons and paintbrushes. We sat down and we were shown step by step how to reproduce the demonstration piece.

This is the painting that we tried to copy or interpret in our own way!!
The instruction was very good, just at the right pace for us as beginners. The class was full and everyone got stuck in and followed the instructions!

Here is Jane Da Vinci  starting her first blue segment.

Here we are taking a quick creative break between shades of blue!!

The photo above is a during shot and it doesn't look anything like the end product!

We then painted in the houses in different colours and added the roofs.

In the end we were the proud owners of our very own masterpieces. I love the way that while they are similar, they are also totally different.
The night absolutely flew by and we both really enjoyed ourselves, we sat there concentrating with our mouths open and tongues sticking out.

So if you fancy a great night out encouraging your creative side and a wine or two, check out Cork and Canvas and see if there is a class near you!


Anonymous said...

I have been to cork and canvas too and it's such a brill night!! Highly recommended and good review!

Debbie said...

Ooh that looks fab!! So do you mrs!!