Saturday, May 04, 2013

Been busy week - again!!

This past week I have been trying my hand at something new. We have reached the time of year where Beth wants a few teacher presents and I wanted to try a new skill. I have seen these picture around for a while and thought they would be fun to do so I dusted off my decorative paper punches, bought a few box frames, used some of the ton of paper that I have stashed away and gave it a go. I am really pleased with the results. 
I have loads of stuff to use for the ingredients, the box frames are harder to come by!!

This one I made using some lace that I have had for an age and some pretty buttons that I have had in the cupboard for a good while.

With this one I tried some brighter colours and I think that looks good as well. Both butterfly ones have a sprinkle of glitter on them as well, so look a lot sparklier in the flesh.
I am going to try with some heart shaped punches and see how that looks.

Yesterday was quite a difficult one, Dad was taken ill overnight so I ended up going into the Lister with him in the early hours of the morning, he was in considerable pain from a blockage in his bowel. We sat in hospital for hours while they started treatment and reduced the pain. He had all sorts of tests and scans while they tried to decided what to do. This has happened at least twice before once resulting in an operation and the other time medication eventually sorted things out. Today he feels pretty rotten while he waits it out. They can't leave it too long as it can cause pretty serious problems. 

The down side of all this is that there is no one to look after Mum so after a lot of calls yesterday between Social Services and a lady at the hospital with the fantastic job title of 'Clinical Navigator' , mum was found respite care at a place in Hatfield. She is not happy about it but its the only way she will be safe, she can't manage on her own, I can't move in around there and its far too much for Dad to deal with when he is well, so trying to cope with everything when he isn't well will be terrible. 
We dropped her off yesterday afternoon and it seems to be a very nice place, an old manor house with big airy rooms and its seems a lot of staff. Mum has her own room with a riser chair and hospital style bed. Initially she is in there for two weeks and then we will see how it goes. If she comes home I will make sure that Dad gets a break and that she goes in for the odd week here and there. 
I am not sure if this will be any easier in the long run as already she has called today for us to take extra things in!! So I will have to do a trip to Hatfield and then go on to Stevenage. 

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