Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Signs of spring

The weather continues to be pretty dire, I am sitting here on the 22nd of May freezing cold and trying to resist the temptation to put the fan heater on again. It really feels as if we will never get any decent weather this year. I would have hoped that by now I could have left the back door open and be enjoying a bit of early evening sun set.

Tonight I popped around to see Mum and Dad and Dad said that there were baby birds in the bird box, so once the adult birds flew off, we went and had a look. This year dad has put the box down a little lower so it was easy to lift the lid and peep inside. He had already taken a look yesterday and thought that there were six birds, but when I took the photo and counted the open mouths there were seven of them!! They are so tiny and make really tiny squeaky noises. They are all snug in their feathery nest. I hope that they all make it into fully fledged adults.

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