Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Time Flies.

Well here we are half way through May, April is a dim and distant memory. I have decided to try and take a photo a day and found an app to help me. Its called project 365 and as a bonus it reminds me everyday and it saves the whole month as a print sized photo. Its been good to look back at. Its amazing how fast the time goes it seems a long time ago that we were on our cruise.

Its not easy getting a photo a day particularly when you are only doing the normal mundane everyday things, so having a camera on the phone really helps. I also found another app that records where you are so a couple of the photos have the location recorded as well. It will be good to look back and see what I had been up to. 

Dad is now out of hospital and feeling a lot better, he has spent a few days getting himself back up to speed and settling back at home. Mum is still in the care home but the plan is to bring her back on Friday and hopefully she will settle back and start to improve. The good thing is that the care home seems really quite nice, although she is getting fed up with the place and the noisy TVs and people who 'interfere' as she says. I think she gets fed up with all the coming and going of the people around her.  She has played a few games of scrabble this week and has finally got up and walked around a bit. She spent a week not walking because 'the staff didn't ask her to walk' Turns out they didn't know she could walk as she had not told them and they assumed she was in a wheelchair for a reason!!! Its a case of use it or lose it, so she really must make the effort to keep going. 

Beth and I went for a photo shoot at the weekend. Groupon had a voucher for hair, makeup and a series of photos. So we went up to Shoreditch in London for the day. We decided to have a brunch at a local restaurant and then headed for the studio. 
We were met by a lady who was if I am generous very theatrical and over the top, she made us welcome and served us drinks. We sat and looked through magazines to decide how we wanted to achieve our 'look' . Then Beth had her hair done and I had my make up done. For the first time in my life I had false eyelashes!!!! Surprisingly they didn't look too bad!
Once we were prepared we went into the studio and got our clothes out. We had to take five changes of clothes so we ended up lugging around a suitcase full of 'stuff' . The photographer decided what we would wear at what point and 90 minutes and loads of shots later we were done. We were very pleased with the results and ended up with some lovely photos and we had a great day out in London.

If you get the chance to have a go, its a great chance to get in touch with your inner super model!!!

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