Monday, July 10, 2006

Been missing for a while.......

Since getting back from Bury I have been busy busy busy !!
I returned to 140 emails at work , all too much to deal with really.
I am really missing Steph, its nice to have someone to share the load with.
Work has been generally busy with lots of unpleasant things going on resulting in some extra long hours for me. I am hoping to get some catch up time tomorrow.
Tom has started his new job and due to confusion he thought today was a training day, but in fact he was shadowing someone and won't get paid. I am not impressed. But I think he has got the wrong end of the stick completely. Because he did not tell them when he wanted to work, he has now not got any work, again another misunderstanding on his part, they did ask at interview but he didn't realize the importance of saying what he could do!!
Oh well, he will get started soon.

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