Saturday, July 01, 2006

New Everything!!

This week we finally had word about our new three piece suite HURRAH, In the new years sale we bought a new leather suite, we took delivery of it in March and within 24 hours found that there were hole under the arms of the sofa and that the manufacturer obviously knew as they had tried to fix the holes with staple. So we complained and after a long winded process managed to get a replacement suite and a £100 reduction. In the mean time we had the incident with the water leak and the insurance company have also this week agreed to replace the living room carpet. So now we can change colours completely in the front room, I am thinking mink and beigey brown colours, with a smattering of green thrown in. What I really need to do is get one of those booklets with what is trendy and look at their colour combinations. Watch this space...

Today is also Panshanger Village day, an event that is usually a wash out, this year looks like bucking the trend. They have very optimistically (in my opinion) decided that it will be held from 2pm to 5pm. The problem being England kicks off at 4pm, so I can't see there being too many people hanging around after 4. I just pray that the country dancing is on early or I'll have to stay and watch Beth who is performing !!!

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