Saturday, July 22, 2006

Panshanger Childrens Fete!!

Every year just befopre the summer holidays the children of Panshanger School organise and run a 'Kids Fete' Its always messy, its always fueled by sweets, its always scorching hot and its always FUN. As ususal the night before the fete Beth suddenly 'Rememebered' that she had agreed to provide the prizes for her stall, which was a 'keepy up' competition with prizes for infants and juniors.
Luckily Morrisons had a pack of balls suitable for prizes, so we were set up. Oddly they decided to change everyone 12p a go. It didn't take them too long to realise that the odd amount was going to test their maths skills to the limits everytime they needed to give change, so they reduced it to 10p !!!
As always it was boiling hot but they all did well and enjoyed themselves and made over £400 which is going towards the new playground equipment that they all want so badly!

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