Tuesday, July 04, 2006

I've met Jill !!

Yesterday was a very exciting day, spent the most of it in class doing computer stuff. It was boiling hot and the pc's were chucking out a load of hot air as well.
I was so pleased to have finished for the day at 4pm. Had a strawberry frappachino with my new friends Ann and Lyn. We had a look around the shops and headed back to the hotel. I checked in and was given a really nice double room, but when I tried to open the window the lock would not budge, it was stiffling so the chap on reception swapped me into the room above, equally as nice with a window that opened!
In the evening I drove out to Long Melford. On the way I came across these feilds full of beautiful purple plants, I have no idea what the plant was but being a good scrapper I stopped and photographed the view. I will have to do some reseach.
I arrived at the Bull Pub and met up with Jill from A trip Down Memory Lane. We spent a very pleasant evening chatting about loads of things, we started outside but I was getting eaten by the mossies! We finished off inside and it felt like I'd known her for ages !I am very jealous that she and Mel are going to USA on a buying trip in January, what bliss!!
Got back to the hotel about 10.40pm got a text from Ann to see where I was, I then realised that the text was a delayed one as I had been in a bad reception area. SO around 11.30 they came back knocked on my door and had a cup of coffee!!
Had a very peaceful night.

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Sue said...

Glad you are aving a good time. Long Melford is lovely . I used to live in Sudbury before i was married ( not far from there)