Sunday, July 02, 2006

Lost my Mojo..

I have not scrapped for weeks now, and I have a ton of lovely photos to do. I just don't get enough time to get the stuff out, its starting to depress me, I want to do it. Perhaps its the summertime holding me up.
Sometimes I look at all the lovely layouts that my online friends do and I really want to be able to emulate them, BUT I think my reason for scrapping changes. I go though heavily artistic periods where I want to do frilly, heavily embellished pages, but by and large I have photos that are not always extrodinary, but they tell a story and I want to be able to use a large number of them to do so. SO I find it hard to do single photo pages unless its only a single photo that says it all. Generally I have to use more !!
I do try but the harder I try the worse things get. Perhaps after 7 years Scrapping has run its course and I will have to consign all my equipment to the loft along with my cross stitch stuff, quilting stuff etc.
I feel quite sad, I hope it come back, but I think I have lost my way.

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