Sunday, July 23, 2006

Good News for Laura at last

After a long string of failed interviews, Laura has finally managed to secure a full time job as a cashier at Barclays in town. Hurrah, thanks to Richard for getting her the interview. Hopefully she will start on the 8th of August.
More good news, Wendy has decide to move on from the flat that she rents and Laura and Scott have applied to the land lord to move in. Well after doing all the credit checks, it has been confirmed that they can have the flat !!! So today they handed in their notice at Wrights and started planning for the big move. Unfortunately we will be on holiday when they move, but Scotts dad has said he will help them.
So positive things happening at last. We have booked the holiday flights for October next year, with the express idea that Laura will have to stick with the job until then at least !!

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Jen said...

Oh wonderful news! Well done :)