Thursday, March 08, 2007

Day off!

Today I have had a day off of work, and it was very nice. This morning Tom and I went over to Stevenage, he needed some new trousers for work, so we hit Primark and spent £27 which got us two pairs of trousers, two swim suits for Beth, two pairs of girls boxers for Beth, two pairs of Boxers for Carl and a pair of long stripey socks, again for Beth. This shop is stacked with bargains!!

After school tonight Beth played Netball and again they outstripped the opposition winning the match 7 - 3. That means this season they have not lost a single match !

I couldn't resist buying a cute little pink velour hoody for Phoebe. Beth and I went around for a cup of tea and gave her mummy the hoody!! Beth was so pleased to be able to give Phoebe a great big snuggly cuddle!!

Tonight I went out with Heather and swam 44 lengths of Hatfield pool, that equals one whole mile of swimming, I feel so virtuous having done that !!

Interesting facts about Hatfield Swimming pool (or things to look at when plodding up and down the lanes)
1.There are sixteen windows above the upstairs cafe.
2. There are 12 flood lights illuminating the ceiling of the main pool area.
3. There is a semi inflated helium balloon stuck in the eaves almost in the centre of the pool.

Watch out for more exciting facts next week!

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Shirley said...

I'm stunned! What other delightful facts will you have for us Auntie Liz?