Sunday, March 04, 2007

I have landed back on earth!!

After all the excitement of yesterday I have landed back on the earth!! I have been out this morning with Mum and Karen, we went to the stamping and scrapping show at Stevenage. It was packed as usual, very hot and by the end I was fed up with all the pushing and shoving.

I didn't spend too much, but I did get some nice things, mainly tools (replacement hammer as mine has a loose head again) Some jewelry pliers, some more paper (not like I don't have enough)and a storage box for my beads.

I also bought a present for a very dear friend.

I met up with Melinbeds, Anna and SueD, Caz was engaged in getting herself a new passport so was unable to be there! We realised that we were all going to Ali Pally next month so will meet up again.

This afternoon Beth has gone to Roller City with Emma, all morning she has had aching legs from yesterdays work out!!

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suebaru said...

Love that pic of Beth! Was lovely (I think) to see you today!