Sunday, March 18, 2007

Happy Mothers day!!

For a change a layout starring ME !!
In honour of Mothers day and using Pencil Lines sketch number 22!
So today I have had a very nice day. Got up early and received gifts from the two kids at home. Beth gave me some smellies and a candle in a display box. The box will be very alterable as well as an added bonus! Carl gave me a helium balloon and a 1 inch mothers day cake. (taking notice of the eating plan!) He also gave me a best mum award.(blub,blub)
Tom gave me a bowl of flowers.
Laura and Scott gave me a great present of a box of assorted card from The Paper Mill, a box of 100 purple embelishments, two sheets of stickers, a box of brads and two reels of ribbon, I am very impressed!!
I have received home made cards from Beth, a funny card from Carl and a 'Happy Godmothers Day' card from Emma !
Carl went to Church parade with Stuart and the Cubs. Beth and I went to Children's Mass and she was roped into doing the offertory, which she said was OK as long as she didn't have to speak! At the end of a very nice mass all the mums were given a bunch of daffs, a really nice touch that must have taken some organising.

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Shirley said...

Wonderful to see you scrapped babe!