Saturday, March 10, 2007

Happy Birthday Dad!!

While not the best photo in the world, this is dad, Beth and Carl on dads birthday !! This year we did not have a cake as we are all on 'eating plans' Between Mum, Dad and brother Keith we have lost over 5 stone since beginning of January!

We bought dad 4 CD's of stars from the 50's - Elvis, Johny Cash, Buddy Holly and Little Richard. He will be able to listen to those in the car.We also bought him a trolley to move things around the garden, it was like an episode of the Kypton Factor trying to put it together!!

While chatting on line with my friend Shirleen (who I have never met and intend to do so in the summer) We discovered a very strange and disturbing fact. I mentioned it was dads birthday today and as it turns out its her dads birthday today as well!! It went on to become stranger, as we talked about mums birthdays and discovered that both of our mums share the 21st of July. What are the chances of that happening ???

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