Friday, March 09, 2007

My Troll and Dolly Beads!!

On my birthday I was lucky enough to be given some lovely beads for my bracelet, BUT when I put them on the bracelet they looked a bit lost with gaps between them, it just didn't look right. So I decided to buy some cheap beads to pad it out, plus some silver spacer beads to fill the bracelet while slowly acquiring some more of the real thing!
So I will try and identify the real beads!
From the black and white bead and heading right, the beads up until the bright turquoise bead are all cheap filler beads. The turquoise bead was a gift from Laura and Scott.
The next bead was a gift from Carl.
The blue spotty bead is a filler bead.
The dark blue is a troll bead from Dad.
The turquoise glass troll bead is a gift from Laura and Scott.
The Yellow Troll bead is a gift from Mum.
The pink and green bead is a Dolly , a gift from Shirleen,
The green bead was a gift to myself from me, called apple, a dolly bead.
The pink bead is another filler bead.
As I get more of the real thing I will replace the beads. I want to use the beads for the basis of another bracelet!

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