Sunday, March 18, 2007

Heelys - The quiet Revolution !!

The new 'must have' item of the moment is HEELYS!!
Beth has been seriously begging for these since the end of last year and we have resisted as she has roller blades, and quad skates and we couldn't see why she would need another pair of roller skates. Finally we gave in , Jessica and Megan who she plays outside with have them, so we put some money to her pocket money and bought some for her. Like everything else it takes some practice to be able to master them, but with the help of her mates she has cracked it.

Looking at these photos has made me think, just what is average when it comes to child sizes??
All three girls are in year 5, Megan (in pink) is 1 month older than Beth and Jess (in black) is 1 month younger than Beth, just look at the size difference!!! They all started out fairly close in size, Megan was the biggest baby at just over 10 lbs and Beth the smallest at 7lbs 13 1/3, Jess was in the middle. You would never guess that they are all the same age by looking at them !!

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Shirley said...

Child sizes are ridiculous huh?
Dort looks like her cousin's mum...they're 6 weeks apart!