Thursday, July 26, 2007

And shes home !!!

Good news mum is home and doing very very well! She was going to be discharged yesterday, but there was a hold up with the drugs (as usual) so it rolled over until today. Anyway dad and Carl went in at 9.30 am to get her, Carl carried the huge bag that she had. Mum said she didn't have too many problems getting into the car. Its nice to have her back!!

We have been busy today, Laura and Scott moved out of Moatwood Green and into a flat above John Lewis in town. The poor removal men had to get the stuff from the third floor and once we arrived at the other end they had to lug it all up 5 flights of stairs, the poor buggers were drenched in sweat, I was exhausted for them, they were only small skinny blokes as well. The new flat is lovely a bit smaller than the one they have moved out of but its homely. The living room looks out over the roof and walkways, The bedroom and bathroom look out over Parkway and all the pretty gardens. The kitchen is fairly small but the living room is bigger. They entrance hall is great with a huge cupboard and enough room to have a desk and storage cupboard. Beth unpacked loads of boxes of DVD's and put them back in the shelves. We managed to empty around 8 or 9 boxes. The huge cupboard is such a bonus because we put all the boxes in there to be emptied one at a time.

We are all exhausted tonight and I am happy that we have done as much as we can, at least their bed is up, and there is room in the living room to sit down.

Why we were slogging there, Carl was life guarding and when he finished that he continued lifting the tiles in the kitchen, that is also a huge job and everything is covered in brick dust, I think he is about 3/4 of the way there now.

Bed, where are you???

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suebaru said...

OMG, What number does she live at? I used to live up there!!