Monday, July 02, 2007

What is happening to the weather??

The weather today has been strange to say the very least, its been sunny enough to get my washing dry but it has rained so much that there are mega huge puddles everywhere, its all very strange.

Today I have been interviewing at school its been a busy day, followed up by a Governors meeting after school, sometimes it seems as if I have been at school more times than Beth in the past week!!

We have finally finished the redecoration of the kitchen and the Conservatory. Its been a huge job. Carl did the kitchen by himself last week. he left us with one wall to do in the conservatory, the problem being all my craft stuff was on the table in front of it. It took me two hours yesterday to clear the table off and after painting it took another three hours to put everything back. But now its finished I am thrilled with it! It is now a delightful shade of green called 'Bali' when I bought it from B and Q the man said it was half price, but it hadn't been marked up, I was expecting to pay £10 a tin for it, anyway the man came to the till and told the assistant to charge me half of the price that came up when she scanned the tins. She did, and I ended up paying £5 a tin, what a bargain!!!

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