Saturday, July 21, 2007

Another day on......Happy Birthday!

We have been in to visit mum again. She has been out of bed, the catheter has gone as has the morphine pump. She has been to the loo and has had a shower. She has had the dressing changed on her knee. All positive things. On the negative side she is finding the pain hard to deal with and they have put her on two hourly morphine by mouth. That seems to be doing the trick.
Today is also her birthday, so we took her presents and cards in and I took her a birthday cake, that was nice, she got to blow out one candle, we couldn't risk anymore!!
Still making good steady progress!


Heather said...

So glad she is making progress. Tagging you as a Rocking Girl Blogger (details on my blog) Take care xx

suebaru said...

Happy belated birthday to your mum!