Monday, March 24, 2008

Back from 'Oop North'

We are back from the frozen wastes of Newcastle Upon Tyne.

Except we actually saw very little snow. Back home it seems that they had more than we did!! On Friday I met up with some of my scrapping padders buddies. I was a pleasure to meet for the first time Andrea, Jean and Gail. (I have photos of Jean and Gail but they wouldn't thank me for displaying them !!) Friday morning at 11.30am we met up at the Metro centre and headed for the Pizza Hut. The weather was terrible, blowing a gale, freezing cold and raining, apart from that it was fine. When we arrived at 'The Hut' we found that on every other day it opened at 11.30, but Good Friday they made an exception and opened at 12!! We had thirty minutes to endure the weather. Once Andrea and Jaffers arrived we went in and waited for Ginger to arrive for lunch. Its strange how you know someone having only previously spoken to them online. Gail was the only one who I really didn't know too much about, but we soon got chatting!!

After lunch Andrea went home as her poor back was starting to play up.The rest of us went back to the Metro Centre and hit Papermill, I bought a pad of the new Laura Ashley paper, which is rather nice! We took Jen back to our hotel room, (just so that we could freshen up don't you know!!)and then down to the coast where we all played at being kites in the strong wind!!

I don't think I have experienced such strong gusts, it just about blew us off of our feet!!We took Jen back to Central Station (that was a nightmare, in the past 10 years someone must have moved it!!) We eventually got her there and we were only 30 minutes late for our dinner date with Tom's sisters!! By this time it was snowing hard, great big fluffy lumps which were settling on the cars. We had dinner at The Bluebell Inn and eventually arrived back at the hotel for 11pm.


suebaru said...

Yep, you missed the snow - loads and loads of it! Just a shame the damn stuff melted so quickly!!

Britta Coleman said...

Love the "Oop North" expression. It's hard for a Texan to mimic that accent (I've tried--my husband is better), but you hit it phonetically!

Debbielou said...

" Eee By Gum !" - Looks really windy !!

You missed all of the snow but glad you got back safe and sound & had a great time.

How's Tom's nose ??! x

Jen said...

Looks like great fun! I've never been "oop north" myself. Although my surname is actually from Yorkshire.... mebbe I should go one day.

Andrea said...

Lovely picture of me - Not!! :)

Twas lovely to meet you too xx