Friday, March 07, 2008

Feeling sad.....

It has just dawned on me that I have watched the last netball match that Beth will ever play competitively for Panshanger school. I can't believe that this is her last year. What will I do? I will really miss going there and I feel that its the end of such a long and happy era.


Debbielou said...

Oh Lyzzy - I feel the same re Sam - I'm not ready for him to leave either and have been on crazy countdown !

I'm sure that Beth will be in the New school's team as she is a really talented girl.

We'll have to look at it as an exciting new venture - the kids are ready for it - it's just us that aren't quite yet !!

It would be great to just "stop the clock" and keep the kids little for ever - if someone invented one they'd be a millionaire !

Thank you for my beautiful flowers today -they are lovely xx

Travis Erwin said...

My boys are not quite old enough to have started doing things for the lat time but it does make me sad when i stop to think have fast they are growing up.

suebaru said...

Feeling exactly the same about Em growing up....and they've still got another 4 months till they leave!