Monday, March 03, 2008

Netball - An Explanation !!!

I had no idea that Netball wasn't an international sport until one of my readers said they thought it was like Basket ball, so although there are some similarities, it is a completely different sport.

Netball is played on a court which is divided into thirds with a semi circle in each of the end thirds. The posts with the nets stand just outside the court in the middle of the semi circles.
Its a team sport with 7 players, when it is played at primary school the teams can be mixed boys and girls, although it is mainly played by girls. Once the game is played competitively out of school teams are all female.

Each player is only allowed in designated parts of the court, only 4 designated players are allowed in the semi circles, two goal shooters and two defenders. It is a non contact sport, once you have possession of the ball you can not run or walk with it, if you do you commit a foul. If you drop the ball and pick it up again, you commit a foul, If you step into an area you are not allowed in you commit a foul, if you get too close to your 'partner' you commit a foul, With all those restrictions it is still a fast game and tactics help players know which space to throw the ball into! (or not sometimes !!)


Alexandra said...

thanks for sharing, this sounds like a lot of fun! *STAMPIN HUGS* Alex

Travis Erwin said...

Interesting. Would love to see more pics especially of the entire curt.

LuLu said...

Might have to print out your instructions of how to play - it might help some of the children in our school ! ! ! Keeping to their own space / area is a BIG issue!

Jen said...

Yes, and it's not just a kids' sport - when I worked in the City I joined the Bank's netball team. My goodness, I didn't realise how fast and furious the game could be if you played against a really good team. We were RUBBISH! But I played netball in primary, and was captain of the basketball team in secondary school so I thought I could play. Big mistake. HUGE! LOL