Thursday, March 06, 2008

What does it for you???

I was sitting here blog hopping and listening to the music player on my own blog, when 'How deep is your love?' by the Bee Gees came on. I knew it was there, I had chosen it, but just listening to those first few bars instantly transported me back to my youth, to the time when Saturday Night Fever was the hit of the year. I was just starting out on my career. I can clearly remember going to see the film in Watford, (when there used to be three independent cinemas!) I can remember who I went with (Debbie Roberts) I can remember watching the film and being totally in love with John Travolta.
I can remember coming out of the film and getting into Debs car only to realise that someone had broken into her car and nicked my cassette tape of the film tracks!!
Its funny how music is the signature tune of our lives, it allows us to pinpoint exactly what was going on at that time. I have other songs that take me back.

'Puppy Love' - Donny Osmond. Memories of listening to this 45 record over and over again on my portable record player. I knew/know all the words!!
'Now that we've found love' by Third World and 'Shame' by Evelyn Champagne King- takes me back to training school and the fun I had there.
'A message to you Rudy' - Specials - A great night out at Hatfield Polytechnic!
'Hit me with your rhythm stick' Ian Dury and the Blockheads 1978 absolutely classic!
'Vindaloo' Fat Les - Memories of driving to Whitby in the sun with the windows down!
'Avalon'- Roxy music (Bryan Ferry, I married the wrong Geordie!!!)

These are just a few of the memories that spring to mind, what music brings back memories for you??


Alexandra said...

Oooh, I totally love the BeeGees - I remember singing in my bedroom as a teenager to all of their songs and having a HUGE crush on John Travolta - aaaahhhhh, that strut!!!! LOL - that for sharing! *STAMPIN HUGS* Alex

Debbielou said...

Songs are great aren't they!

I too loved John Travolta and actually had a pendant with a picture of his face sprayed on it!! ( It cost 25p from a market - hideous but I loved it )

The Rose garden song - memories of training school

California girls - Beach boys - a weekend away camping in Yarmouth - parked next to a nudist camp !

Gary Glitter - I love you love - my first record.

Black pudding Bertha - by the Goodies - my 2nd record- used to dance around like a mad thing and still know the words - dreadful pointless song - might try to put this one on my blog.

Tie a yellow ribbon round the old Oak tree - Brotherhood of man - Eurovision winner - awful song and drives Malc absolutely insane as if any one hums or sings it - he will have it in his head for days on end !

Sue said...

ahhh those were the days ..i saw SNF three times and had to que around the block to get in.
also spent HOURS listening to puppy love ......sigh

punknscrap said...

Great post!!!
I am going to do mine on my blog, you have the best ideas Lyzzy.