Thursday, March 20, 2008

We're Off.

Today we are heading for the frozen north of the country. I started to look on line for a place to stay and came across a 4 star hotel offering Bed and Breakfast for £49 for the three of us. It sounds good. So once we have collected Beth we will be off.
Carl had a sleep over at school last night, under the guise of raising money for one of the school projects in The Gambia. He thought he was going to get some sleep, but he didn't he was up all night and I expect he will be like a bear with a sore head when he gets home. He has swimming training tonight (if he manages to get up in time!!)
This weekend Dad is going to be the chief taxi driver!!
So I am off to finish packing my wet weather and snow gear!!!


Debbielou said...

Have a great time - Safe journey x

Alexandra said...

Have fun and be safe!!*STAMPIN HUGS* Alex

Britta Coleman said...

Hope you have a wonderful trip!

LuLu said...

Have a brilliant time - you never know, it could be fun being snowed in !

Caz said...

hope you have a good time, and have some snow!! We have had loads and it looks so beautiful :)

btw are you cropping with us in May??